Don't get mad.

Tell designers what you want them to know

If you've ever gotten mad at a designer and thought: "why the hell don't they know this!?" then this is your chance to let ALL designers know.

Not a developer?

If you're not a developer but want to leave your advice as well to let others know what they should know:

What's this about?

We're all very familiar with the constant fight between designers and developers. Let's get it over with by sharing the advice openly. Let's listen and learn from each other!

Who's behind this?

Hello! 👋 I'm Sara Vilas. A designer that has worked with over 100 corporations globally. I've always fostered an open collaboration with devs that I wish all designers did, too.

Stay tuned!

I'll soon share the advice here.

Got it! 
I'll keep you posted 📫
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